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NewsPosted by Anita Atkinson Wed, May 16, 2018 17:41:30
This poem was written for me by Elaine Armstrong from Fir Tree. I love it!

n a little corner of the world,

In Harperley in Fir Tree,

Lies a patriotic tea room,

It holds a sight that you must see.

A museum full of treasures,

Holding everything that’s Royal,

A dedication to our monarchy,

To whom Anita is most loyal.

On arrival you’ll see the Union Jack,

Flying high and proud.

The collection itself is majestic,

And draws in quite a crowd!

Anita’s royal memorabilia,

Fills every nook and cranny.

There’s nothing that she hasn’t got,

Her collection is uncanny!

The patriotic theme is everywhere,

No surface if left free,

Even the toilet gives new meaning,

To the term the “Royal We(e)”

If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse ,

Of our local superstar,

You may receive the Royal wave,

From her passing motor car.

Come and visit this spectacular sight,

Anita’s always keen to please,

Afternoon tea in regal style,

At Anita’s Royal Teas!